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Today I was doing a search for writing and of course on link lead to another and I am not sure how I got there but it was a writing forum. Here is the rub… or I should say more like a thought. I have been told anyone who puts words on the page for others to read is a writer. So where is right that people get to determine that what we can write.

I know I’ve lost you because you are so thinking, they don’t. But they do.

One of the comments I have heard the most is — Write something original and stop stealing other people’s hard work. This was the comment made today. I admit I wrote and still have several pieces in my writing that are fan fiction.

Let me explain something. Fan Fiction is not easy and it is not stealing. Truth is there are two different types of Fan fiction writer. First is the one who just loves whatever they are writing about and want to share with other lovers. For example, the person who Leverage but knows very little about plot, pacing, character creation.

Then there is the writer. Yes writer. who also loves the show but can see other possibilities than what is in the story. Your fan fiction writer has to have a massive amount discipline. Why, first, while there is set of characters and a setting that is all your writer has.

He or she must keep the characters true and yet let them grow. For example you have Obi-Wan and he is a jedi who trusts the Jedi council with all that he is, he would not trust his gut over a direct order. You have to get and keep the pacing while inventing messes to put them in and get them out. The writer tries to give you additional adventures or an alternate story line. Don’t like the fact Qui-Gon died in the Phantom Menace and if he hadn’t would Anakin have turned.

The thing a fan fiction writer does is the same thing that a regular writer does. Ask the question what if and then answers it from their world.


A Perfect Blood (The Hollows, #10)A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
“Review of “A Perfect Blood”

Kim Harrison’s newest release, book 10 in the Hallows series.

This is to go with the post entitled Yesterday and Today.

Yesterday and today I took time from writing to focus on reading. I waited months to get the next book in the series. Only to be disapointed. The book wasn’t terrible, it was not badly written. When reading several books by an author you come to expect more. Not just more but better with each book and when that does not happen you feel let down.  Kim Harrison is good writer and I read both series that she has created. One for adults and one for Young Adults. Both are urban fantasy and create a different idea of the “ware” “vampire” and “reaper” story lines.

So this brings me to my question for other authors how do you write a series and not have on in the middle that is a flop for your readers. How do you keep from writing the same story with different sences and characters book after book?

Mornings have become my favorite time as my thoughts and dreams dwell

on memories we create.

The way my finger tips tingle as they caress your bearded lips, idly stroking hair covered cheeks. The gentlest trace over your closed eyes Your breath is slowly exhaled and I wonder Is my touch painful? Do I stop?

As with a mind of their own my fingers keep moving

finding there place around your back of your neck Your breath is warm against my face

As you move closer My heart beats faster Faster Anticipation Waiting for your lips to touch mine Wanting

I wet my lips knowing the intimate dance to come I’m waiting Your lips touch mine lightly Too gently Hearts beat faster Echoing I lean forward into your arms intent on touching as much

of you as I can.

Strong hands on my back dropping lower drawing me closer Not close enough Mouths open wider savoring the taste of passion on each other Hands move to my neck and up To cup my head Fingers snake through my hair You hold on tighter and I whimper my delight Your grasp pulls me forward My hair is loose now Twisted through your fingers Bodies entangled and encircled The front of you is strained against me Hands slowly fall away I open my eyes Looking into yours I see myself and for a moment a

glimpse of your passion for me. and at the this moment my only thought is if you could know

how much you tenderness and passion affect me

And what promise I would give for this moment again

as I tilt my head silently begging for another morning memory.

I was watching Doctor Who this weekend, which is strange because after they changed the actor playing the “doctor” I did not like it. I am not saying Matt Smith does a terrible Doctor but Christopher and David did much better. All right, I digress. There was a line spoken in the show that caused me to stop and think and it would make an excellent starting point for a story.  And I was told that a writer should take inspiration wherever they could get it.  The line is … “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.”

I had heard about writing prompts for a long time but I had never thought to use one. That was until I was on and they had a contest going. You have to use their sentence to begin your story. You can no add to it, you cannot change it in any way.  Ie  add a comma and continue. You must use as is.  The deadline for the story is March 18th so I have a couple of days to finish.

The line to that story is   The room was empty. I will post that one and the one about my enemies as soon as I finish them. Well after they have been edited.  Do any of my writing friends want to join me? It could be like some of the challenges we used to write.