I was watching Doctor Who this weekend, which is strange because after they changed the actor playing the “doctor” I did not like it. I am not saying Matt Smith does a terrible Doctor but Christopher and David did much better. All right, I digress. There was a line spoken in the show that caused me to stop and think and it would make an excellent starting point for a story.  And I was told that a writer should take inspiration wherever they could get it.  The line is … “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.”

I had heard about writing prompts for a long time but I had never thought to use one. That was until I was on fanstory.com and they had a contest going. You have to use their sentence to begin your story. You can no add to it, you cannot change it in any way.  Ie  add a comma and continue. You must use as is.  The deadline for the story is March 18th so I have a couple of days to finish.

The line to that story is   The room was empty. I will post that one and the one about my enemies as soon as I finish them. Well after they have been edited.  Do any of my writing friends want to join me? It could be like some of the challenges we used to write.