Today I was doing a search for writing and of course on link lead to another and I am not sure how I got there but it was a writing forum. Here is the rub… or I should say more like a thought. I have been told anyone who puts words on the page for others to read is a writer. So where is right that people get to determine that what we can write.

I know I’ve lost you because you are so thinking, they don’t. But they do.

One of the comments I have heard the most is — Write something original and stop stealing other people’s hard work. This was the comment made today. I admit I wrote and still have several pieces in my writing that are fan fiction.

Let me explain something. Fan Fiction is not easy and it is not stealing. Truth is there are two different types of Fan fiction writer. First is the one who just loves whatever they are writing about and want to share with other lovers. For example, the person who Leverage but knows very little about plot, pacing, character creation.

Then there is the writer. Yes writer. who also loves the show but can see other possibilities than what is in the story. Your fan fiction writer has to have a massive amount discipline. Why, first, while there is set of characters and a setting that is all your writer has.

He or she must keep the characters true and yet let them grow. For example you have Obi-Wan and he is a jedi who trusts the Jedi council with all that he is, he would not trust his gut over a direct order. You have to get and keep the pacing while inventing messes to put them in and get them out. The writer tries to give you additional adventures or an alternate story line. Don’t like the fact Qui-Gon died in the Phantom Menace and if he hadn’t would Anakin have turned.

The thing a fan fiction writer does is the same thing that a regular writer does. Ask the question what if and then answers it from their world.