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As I posted before one of the free contests is a new author poetry. It was to be an  acrostic. I submitted it and I have got some reviews and was very happy with the poem itself. I am not a huge fan of poetry and most of the poems I have writen are in response to a challege.

Here is Gargoyle.

Granite mascot balanced high atop his forlorn watchtower.

Adorned by sunlight with only a stony grimace to greet the aerial migration.

Rejuvenated, no more to be incased in rock as the sun sinks below the earth.

Guise of horror and darkness is worn to hide his secret identity of nighttime’s guardian.

Obligated to non save his impersonal voyeurism

Yearning to be free of the diurnal and nocturnal cycle of birth and death.

Legendary rainwater removal specialist

Eccentric personality hidden behind dreary, pebbled stonework.


A couple of weeks ago I was reading a post and the author was talking about the rules of writing and whether to keep them or break them. In his post he referenced an article written by several authors and why they felt the rules were good or bad. Even after reading I was still on the fence not sure which way to go. One in particular was to write every day. That has never been a strong suit for me. I hate the journal and I never kept a diary. For me they were worthless. I could not stand writing drivel for the sake of drivel or write just to fulfill a quota. And with live as busy as most people who has the time to waste.

The stuff that comes out maybe has a couple of gems but mostly a waste of time. But most recently I found this site that you can post your stories on. It is called fanstory.

The best thing about this site besides the mandatory 2 reviews for each story/poem is the daily writing prompts. These have been awesome. They give me direction on what to write so I have the opportunity to write without wasting time that I don’t have.

So here is how the site works. You log on. There are opportunities to read or write. They have contest that you can enter in several categories like poetry, prose, stories, and books. You earn member cents or dollars for every review made (which is good because everyone gets at least two reviews) and with those member dollars you enter contest. (Yes there are free contest as well.

Of course I have only been there a couple of weeks so I don’t have much money so I am just entering the free ones. But I am working with the writing prompts to create other works that I can add to my portfolio. I am going to post two of the ones I just submitted.