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I follow this blog on wordpress called ” Writers Block Busters ” On it she puts a prompt of a question, a sentence and a paragraph to get the juices flowing. Well, coupled with a program that I have called “write or die” I try to get my thousand words a day written.

Her post on sunday was ….  It’s a pisser having to be the responsible one. And here is my 500 word piece of flash fiction. (15 minutes and 504 words)  I don’t have a title for it yet.  Thanks Cyrannette.  Here is a link to her blog


It’s a pisser having to be the responsible one. Yet here I was again cleaning up after my big brother. So much for being the youngest child.

I folded the woman’s arms over her chest in an attempt to make it look like she was sleeping. Not that was happening considering the gaping hole in the middle of her chest.

“Just leave her and get your ass out of there before someone sees you.” Dustin hissed.

I looked back over my shoulder to glare at the oaf who screwed-up again. “Damn it we can’t just leave her like this. If your drunken ass hadn’t shot off your mouth we wouldn’t be here now. Help me or shut the hell up so I can do this. “

He snorted in the background but I noticed he did not come any closer nor did he offer to help clean up. I added another bloody baby wipe to the pile. All that was left was the face and then we wouldn’t have to worry about Dustin’s DNA to tracing back to him.

“Arn’t you done yet,” his voice hissed in my ear.

If my mother had known the things I would do when she requested I watch after him on her deathbed, I know she wouldn’t have made me promise. “You’re doing it again, you stupid ass. You’ve contaminated the body and left evidence the police can use to put your sorry self in jail. Then tell me who will want to hire a contract killer who can’t keep out of lock up.”

Dustin was chagrined. I knew he couldn’t help it and instantly felt terrible. Richard our oldest brother got him started down this path and then gave up on him when he felt Dustin was too dumb. Richard had a point but abandoning Dustin was too much like kicking a dog. Neither of them understood what they had done or why someone they loved could hurt them.

I gathered the pile of bloody wipes and put them in a plastic bag that I carried around just for situations like this. “Look she is cleaned up. Let me just wipe down the car and then we could go.”

“Thanks Janet. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

I sighed. What else could I do? “I know Dustin, don’t worry about it.”

I surveyed the scene and stomped on a couple of places that looked like they could be a footprint and decided I had done as much as I could.

We had already been here fifteen minutes and our time was running out. “Let’s go.”

There was nothing I could do to eliminate the tracks the pick-up would leave. Truth was I could only hope that Dustin still had that spare set of tires back at his place. If not a trip to pick and pull was in order.

We had been driving out away from my handiwork for about twenty minutes and my cellphone started chirping.

“This is Sheriff Watkins. How can I help you?”


The tent

One of the side effects of Glaucoma is Photophobia more commonly known as Light Sensitivity.  I knew there was going to be changes with my vision, my doctor had already warned me, but this was new. It wasnt until I did not go home with a migraine after working on a Saturday with no lights that we even started looking into it.So the picture is above is my desk at work.

This is how my company has attempted to make things more accessible for me. In truth, it became more of a hassle than anything. Not because it didn’t work, well it didn’t without some tweaking. But Adam our facilities person changed the light bulbs which coupled with the tent made all the difference in the world.

Word to those who have to have the industrial bulbs over their cube a warmer bulb  (yellow not white) is less stressful on the eyes and helps out with the sensitivity.

No that wasnt the problem…because it is so different everyone wants to know what the tent is there for. It has become a headache just trying to either explain it or politely tell them that its none of their business.  (which hasn’t gone over well no matter how carefully I couch my words.)

Why is this an issue now, since it has been up for months. Because in the next two weeks the whole department is moving to another area. I am hoping for a more uniform way of dealing with the light issue this time, one that doesn’t set me anymore apart than I already am.

When was the last time you were in one of the big discount stores like Wal-Mart. Did you notice all the back to school items they have on sale. Yep it’s that time again. You know the one where the parents are jumping up and down and  the kids are bemoaning life. 2012/13 school year is about to begin.

But this year is different my children well they aren’t children anymore, as a matter of fact it looks as if my oldest and I will be attending college together. Talk about an interesting journey. While I know that we are not going to be in the same classes this semester, time spent in the library or in the quad comes with some trepidation.

But all the same I am looking forward to going back. Now that the boys are older and work is mostly settled this one class here and there is going to turn into (hopefully) a full credit load. Right now of the four classes I signed up for I got 1 for sure and am wait-listed on the others.  I am trying to finish the last of my transfer requirements next semester I am going for the fun stuff. Drama and Music.   Oh yeah, I forgot I am studying to teach multiple subjects. Reading is the main one… but I also want to teach drama and music…as in musical theater.

As an amateur writer the arts are very important and this is one way that I can personally get involved with helping to save the arts. Without them we might have life but we have no culture.