When was the last time you were in one of the big discount stores like Wal-Mart. Did you notice all the back to school items they have on sale. Yep it’s that time again. You know the one where the parents are jumping up and down and  the kids are bemoaning life. 2012/13 school year is about to begin.

But this year is different my children well they aren’t children anymore, as a matter of fact it looks as if my oldest and I will be attending college together. Talk about an interesting journey. While I know that we are not going to be in the same classes this semester, time spent in the library or in the quad comes with some trepidation.

But all the same I am looking forward to going back. Now that the boys are older and work is mostly settled this one class here and there is going to turn into (hopefully) a full credit load. Right now of the four classes I signed up for I got 1 for sure and am wait-listed on the others.  I am trying to finish the last of my transfer requirements next semester I am going for the fun stuff. Drama and Music.   Oh yeah, I forgot I am studying to teach multiple subjects. Reading is the main one… but I also want to teach drama and music…as in musical theater.

As an amateur writer the arts are very important and this is one way that I can personally get involved with helping to save the arts. Without them we might have life but we have no culture.