The tent

One of the side effects of Glaucoma is Photophobia more commonly known as Light Sensitivity.  I knew there was going to be changes with my vision, my doctor had already warned me, but this was new. It wasnt until I did not go home with a migraine after working on a Saturday with no lights that we even started looking into it.So the picture is above is my desk at work.

This is how my company has attempted to make things more accessible for me. In truth, it became more of a hassle than anything. Not because it didn’t work, well it didn’t without some tweaking. But Adam our facilities person changed the light bulbs which coupled with the tent made all the difference in the world.

Word to those who have to have the industrial bulbs over their cube a warmer bulb  (yellow not white) is less stressful on the eyes and helps out with the sensitivity.

No that wasnt the problem…because it is so different everyone wants to know what the tent is there for. It has become a headache just trying to either explain it or politely tell them that its none of their business.  (which hasn’t gone over well no matter how carefully I couch my words.)

Why is this an issue now, since it has been up for months. Because in the next two weeks the whole department is moving to another area. I am hoping for a more uniform way of dealing with the light issue this time, one that doesn’t set me anymore apart than I already am.