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“There’s no place like home,” as Dorothy once chanted to get back to Kanas.  Only thing is when you are moving that feeling of home is so far away. Your stuff is in transit between the new place and the old one. Your new place is not home yet due to scattered boxes, nothing is in the place you are used to and right now, you cannot see the potential it had as a blank canvas. Home is not your old place as it looks like a mini explosion took place.  Every tiny speck of dust and dirt collected behind and under furniture and appliances leaves you with the feelings of never cleaning.

As you can tell from this post and lack of posts for the last two weeks, I have been buried hip and sometimes head deep in stacks of boxes.  The move at work or I should say the second move at work was fairly trauma free. Most likely because we never unpacked from the move to the bullpen area a week before.

I do not know if I have said before but I am somewhat of a gypsy. The picking up and moving has never really bothered me in the past.  This might be why one of my things I want to do is own a houseboat that I can travel the world on its rivers. However, this move has really kicked my butt leaving me not wanting to move again for a nice long time. I am one of those people who live in organized chaos but having to search through boxes to find this or that is really beginning to irritate the life out of me.

It could have something to do with starting classes this week as well. Work from 5 am to 4pm then school from 6-9pm so far every day.  Speaking of school so far, I have gotten all of my classes I will know tonight and tomorrow about the other two.

  • Journalism- PR and Media techniques – got it
  • Biology – got it
  • Psychology  – waiting
  • Nutrition – waiting

I keep thinking if I am going to lose one let it be the Friday Nutrition class, but on the other hand, it is a graduation requirement. I only have a couple of those left and wanted to knock them out this semester so I can work on the core classes next semester.


A couple of years ago after the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson called the Bucket List that particular trend became supper hot. Everybody wanted to fulfill a “bucket list” To many it became and excuse (and maybe motivation) to try sometimes stupid and crazy things.  I have to say even I was tempted, not a bucket list per say but everything I wanted to do before I went blind. That in itself was not a good idea. The more I focused on the things I wanted to do the more I dwelled on the things I no longer would be able to do. Not a good place to be when you are trying not to feel sorry for yourself.

Last night while I was cleaning out and sorting through old notebooks I ran across mine.  Scanning the pages and the different goals (I think is a better term for them) I realized there were several of them that I still wanted to accomplish.

The funny thing is I entitled it “Ms. Magoo’s Escapades” I of course was making fun of myself but now I kind of like it.  I am thinking that I might restart it. Down on the list like number 15 is  Partisipate in a 5k walk for charity.  Back in June, I would have been able to cross this off my list with the 19th Annual Doggy Dash. It was a charity to support the SPCA and shelters of Sacramento and was very close to my heart.   I would even walk with my two dogs Koda Bear and Coco.

But as all good intentions…  it was just that, Koda Bear, who was battling cancer was not feeling his best, it was also the day of the company picnic and truth be told I wound up not going to either.

I keep thinking that maybe I should try it again; after all I am working out at the gym now. (That is a completely different adventure, trust me!) The training takes 9 weeks, which means I might be ready by the October 21st Making strides against Breast Cancer. Although it means I am going to miss one of my Renaissance Faire days.  If I don’t then I will do the 5k “Run to Feed the Hungry.  Maybe I can stay motivated enough to turn the one on Thanksgiving day into a 10k. Hey after all its only 6 miles.

By now everyone has heard of bread specific legislation. There is not a day that does not go by where some media source is recounting the horrors of a pit-bull attack. Next thing you know somebody is screaming vicious dog, they ought to be banned from_______.  And of course with no investigation into the situation a dog is killed, the owners get a slap, and a whole bread is condemned.

I thought there were only three breeds on the restricted /banned list. Try finding a place to live and you get a list of animals that will not be allowed residency.  The list I received had 75 breeds on it.  According the AKC there are four hundred breeds of dogs and 75 makes up almost a fourth.

Some of the dogs I never even heard of but others leave me shaking my head wondering what people were on when they banned the breeds.

Airedale Terrier; Akbash; Akita; Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog; Alaskan Malamute;

Alsatian Shepherd; American Bulldog; American Husky; American Pit Bull Terrier;

American Staffordshire Terrier; American Wolfdog; Anatolian Shepherd; Arikara Dog;

Australian Cattle Dog; Australian Shepherd;  Belgian Malinois; Belgian Sheepdog;

Belgian Turvuren; Blue Heeler; Boerbul; Borzoi; Boston Terrier;  Bouvier Des Flandres;

Boxer; Bulldog; Bull Terrier; Bull Mastiff; Cane Corso; Catahoula Leopard Dog;

Caucasian Shepherd; Chinese Shar Pei; Chow-Chow; Colorado Dog; Doberman Pinscher;

Dogo De Argentino; Dogue De Bordeaux; English Mastiffs; English Springer Spaniel;

Eskimo Dog; Estrela Mountain Dog; Fila Brasiliero; Fox Terrier; French Bulldog;

German Shepherd Dog; Golden Retriever; Greenland Husky; Great Dane; Great Pyranees;

Italian Mastiff; Kangal Dog; Keeshond; Komondor; Kotezebue Husky; Kuvaz;

Labrador Retriever; Leonberger;  Mastiff; Neopolitan Mastiff; Newfoundland;

Otterhound;  Rresa De Canario; Presa De Mallorquin; Pug; Rottweiler; Saarloos Wolfhond;

Saint Bernard; Samoyed; Scottish Deerhound; Siberian Husky; Spanish Mastiff;

Staffordshire Bull Terrier; Timber Shepherd; Tosa Inu; Tundra Shepherd; Wolf Spitz

I knew my brand new puppy was on the list being that he is a three-month-old American Pitt-Bull Terrier but was completely lost when I found out my Lab mix was on the list as well. When I researched, why some of these dogs like Huskies, Labs, Pugs and Retrievers made the list the answer is they are known for biting.

The thing is I have had dogs all my life and most of the time several at one time.  Dogs do not arbitrarily bite. Their demeanor is based on how they are treated and cared for. If you are moving or just updating your insurance and have a dog, you might want to find out if your dog is on the list. Then move to stop specific breed legislation and breed discrimination.

If it is not a national emergency, do not drop classes. I know you were told it is better to have a “W” on you transcript than an “F”.  That may be true for your grade average but not for your financial aid.  This I found out the hard way. I dropped classes and fell below that 75% completion rate and wal-la the college declined my aid. My first thought was “oh crap, I can’t go back to school.” I am one of those who depend on help to go to school. Fortunately, there is a little thing called a BOG Waiver and it saved me.

The thing about the BOG waiver (and I think there is three of four different kinds) is that it pays for the enrollment fees associated with classes. Mine also gives me a flat fee for parking at the school. (which is the difference between $10.00 a week and a flat 20 dollars) Fortunately the college does offer one appeal for restoring aid.

Like all appeals, you have to jump through a ton of hoops. I guess they think the more difficult they make it the more likely you are to stay with it.  This is funny if you think about it realistically. With everything you have to do, adding something to be deliberately frustrating is going to get more negative results than positive. But the colleges in their infinite wisdom have deemed this policy as the only path to take to prove a student’s responsibility and commitment to their education.

To make a long story a little shorter on Friday I got the email that my appeal was approved. Outstanding if you think about it. Now I can put the aid on the credit card I used to purchase my books.

That brings me to the second ouch.  To coin a phrase “Oh my God” does it really take 92 dollars to print and bind a book. Okay I know the writer needs to be paid, and supplies need to be bought, but really $92.   The Physiology class is 35 students, each of us buy the book which means the publisher gets $3220 and that is just one class. I know for sure that book is used in 8 classes just on my campus. With an average of 25 per class it is an additional $18, 400.00.  Just from my campus alone.  And it not as if they are having to print each addition, they put the pages on a color copier and copy an indefinite amount.  You would think that the e-textbooks would be better. There is no paper; no stocking fees, no printing yet my nutrition book is $118.00.

On that note e-textbooks offer something the hardbound lack, the ability to interface with the web.  I was super excited about getting electronic textbooks. See I have a Nook and I thought that was perfect. One little book to carry instead of 4 heavy ones  but it didn’t quite work out that way.

You see , the Nook is proprietary as is the Kindle and if you buy at Amazon you cant use on Nook and vice versa if you buy at B&N. They both have study tools but neither of the e-readers support textbooks. You have to download a study program from their site. Sounds like the whole windows /apple thing.  But I found something else. It’s called “Kno”  and it is a non-proprietorial e-textbook site. Right now it only works with pc and ipad,(android is in development) You can purchase books there and use them there.

Features of the site include turning your book (any diagram) in to a test, creating flashcards of all terms, taking notes right in the book. I am looking forward to trying it. Here is the website if you are interested in looking into it.

I find that Doctors in general are of two minds when it comes to diseases they are treating.  One theory is tell you every possible side effect that every person who has ever had the disease had and there by so overwhelm you with information in effort to give you all the tools you need. The other is theory is to give you the main side effects and as new symptoms come along they add it to the growing list but don’t want to frighten you with things that ‘might’ happen.

My eye doctor is one who follows the second school of treatment. Which in theory is not bad, especially if you are like me, and dwell on the worst possible outcome.  That does not mean I am a pessimist but a realist with hopeful but doubtful tendencies. My grandmother always called it preparing for the worst.

Now because of this I tend to over analysis things that are new and different. What does it mean? Will it hurt or help. Proof of this particular foible played out last night in a semi-panicked phone call to my eye doctor.

See about 6 days ago one of my eyes began to water, I mean really water. The first time it happened I kind of blew it off. Hey I have allergies and sometimes they are affected. I was not aware of a trigger but I just assumed. Again it happened 3 days later. It started to water and I mean really water. It took a tissue and 15 minutes to get it to stop. This time I knew my allergies did not trigger it. I had taken my singular for several days prior. The other odd thing was my eyes did not itch or become red. It was just as if I started crying.

Last night I got in the car and began to drive home and low and behold, there I was again water leaking out of my eyes to the point where I almost could not see to drive. Again no redness, no itchiness, and nothing to trigger allergies and I am seriously confused.  So here is where the tale shows my jeckle/hyde personality.

I got so excited thinking it was a breakthrough in my glaucoma. You know where the fluid behind the eyeballs was emptying and then pressures would go down.  Then would start the domino effect … pressures go down… optic nerve has less damage… going blind is halted. Woo hoo.  Then the realism, the part that says “woha girl, your cart is leading your horse. Nothing you have researched has talked about leaking fluid without surgery. Water draining can’t be normal.”

So of course now that I had a bone I had to worry it. So after 2 hours worrying about all the ‘worst case scenarios, I called the doctor. She asked all the allergy questions and then went on to the extra stress questions and anything-different questions before she told me what she thought it was.

Did you know that tear ducts can become congested. Yeah me either. Nor did I know that it often happens to people with glaucoma. Go figure.