I find that Doctors in general are of two minds when it comes to diseases they are treating.  One theory is tell you every possible side effect that every person who has ever had the disease had and there by so overwhelm you with information in effort to give you all the tools you need. The other is theory is to give you the main side effects and as new symptoms come along they add it to the growing list but don’t want to frighten you with things that ‘might’ happen.

My eye doctor is one who follows the second school of treatment. Which in theory is not bad, especially if you are like me, and dwell on the worst possible outcome.  That does not mean I am a pessimist but a realist with hopeful but doubtful tendencies. My grandmother always called it preparing for the worst.

Now because of this I tend to over analysis things that are new and different. What does it mean? Will it hurt or help. Proof of this particular foible played out last night in a semi-panicked phone call to my eye doctor.

See about 6 days ago one of my eyes began to water, I mean really water. The first time it happened I kind of blew it off. Hey I have allergies and sometimes they are affected. I was not aware of a trigger but I just assumed. Again it happened 3 days later. It started to water and I mean really water. It took a tissue and 15 minutes to get it to stop. This time I knew my allergies did not trigger it. I had taken my singular for several days prior. The other odd thing was my eyes did not itch or become red. It was just as if I started crying.

Last night I got in the car and began to drive home and low and behold, there I was again water leaking out of my eyes to the point where I almost could not see to drive. Again no redness, no itchiness, and nothing to trigger allergies and I am seriously confused.  So here is where the tale shows my jeckle/hyde personality.

I got so excited thinking it was a breakthrough in my glaucoma. You know where the fluid behind the eyeballs was emptying and then pressures would go down.  Then would start the domino effect … pressures go down… optic nerve has less damage… going blind is halted. Woo hoo.  Then the realism, the part that says “woha girl, your cart is leading your horse. Nothing you have researched has talked about leaking fluid without surgery. Water draining can’t be normal.”

So of course now that I had a bone I had to worry it. So after 2 hours worrying about all the ‘worst case scenarios, I called the doctor. She asked all the allergy questions and then went on to the extra stress questions and anything-different questions before she told me what she thought it was.

Did you know that tear ducts can become congested. Yeah me either. Nor did I know that it often happens to people with glaucoma. Go figure.