By now everyone has heard of bread specific legislation. There is not a day that does not go by where some media source is recounting the horrors of a pit-bull attack. Next thing you know somebody is screaming vicious dog, they ought to be banned from_______.  And of course with no investigation into the situation a dog is killed, the owners get a slap, and a whole bread is condemned.

I thought there were only three breeds on the restricted /banned list. Try finding a place to live and you get a list of animals that will not be allowed residency.  The list I received had 75 breeds on it.  According the AKC there are four hundred breeds of dogs and 75 makes up almost a fourth.

Some of the dogs I never even heard of but others leave me shaking my head wondering what people were on when they banned the breeds.

Airedale Terrier; Akbash; Akita; Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog; Alaskan Malamute;

Alsatian Shepherd; American Bulldog; American Husky; American Pit Bull Terrier;

American Staffordshire Terrier; American Wolfdog; Anatolian Shepherd; Arikara Dog;

Australian Cattle Dog; Australian Shepherd;  Belgian Malinois; Belgian Sheepdog;

Belgian Turvuren; Blue Heeler; Boerbul; Borzoi; Boston Terrier;  Bouvier Des Flandres;

Boxer; Bulldog; Bull Terrier; Bull Mastiff; Cane Corso; Catahoula Leopard Dog;

Caucasian Shepherd; Chinese Shar Pei; Chow-Chow; Colorado Dog; Doberman Pinscher;

Dogo De Argentino; Dogue De Bordeaux; English Mastiffs; English Springer Spaniel;

Eskimo Dog; Estrela Mountain Dog; Fila Brasiliero; Fox Terrier; French Bulldog;

German Shepherd Dog; Golden Retriever; Greenland Husky; Great Dane; Great Pyranees;

Italian Mastiff; Kangal Dog; Keeshond; Komondor; Kotezebue Husky; Kuvaz;

Labrador Retriever; Leonberger;  Mastiff; Neopolitan Mastiff; Newfoundland;

Otterhound;  Rresa De Canario; Presa De Mallorquin; Pug; Rottweiler; Saarloos Wolfhond;

Saint Bernard; Samoyed; Scottish Deerhound; Siberian Husky; Spanish Mastiff;

Staffordshire Bull Terrier; Timber Shepherd; Tosa Inu; Tundra Shepherd; Wolf Spitz

I knew my brand new puppy was on the list being that he is a three-month-old American Pitt-Bull Terrier but was completely lost when I found out my Lab mix was on the list as well. When I researched, why some of these dogs like Huskies, Labs, Pugs and Retrievers made the list the answer is they are known for biting.

The thing is I have had dogs all my life and most of the time several at one time.  Dogs do not arbitrarily bite. Their demeanor is based on how they are treated and cared for. If you are moving or just updating your insurance and have a dog, you might want to find out if your dog is on the list. Then move to stop specific breed legislation and breed discrimination.