A couple of years ago after the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson called the Bucket List that particular trend became supper hot. Everybody wanted to fulfill a “bucket list” To many it became and excuse (and maybe motivation) to try sometimes stupid and crazy things.  I have to say even I was tempted, not a bucket list per say but everything I wanted to do before I went blind. That in itself was not a good idea. The more I focused on the things I wanted to do the more I dwelled on the things I no longer would be able to do. Not a good place to be when you are trying not to feel sorry for yourself.

Last night while I was cleaning out and sorting through old notebooks I ran across mine.  Scanning the pages and the different goals (I think is a better term for them) I realized there were several of them that I still wanted to accomplish.

The funny thing is I entitled it “Ms. Magoo’s Escapades” I of course was making fun of myself but now I kind of like it.  I am thinking that I might restart it. Down on the list like number 15 is  Partisipate in a 5k walk for charity.  Back in June, I would have been able to cross this off my list with the 19th Annual Doggy Dash. It was a charity to support the SPCA and shelters of Sacramento and was very close to my heart.   I would even walk with my two dogs Koda Bear and Coco.

But as all good intentions…  it was just that, Koda Bear, who was battling cancer was not feeling his best, it was also the day of the company picnic and truth be told I wound up not going to either.

I keep thinking that maybe I should try it again; after all I am working out at the gym now. (That is a completely different adventure, trust me!) The training takes 9 weeks, which means I might be ready by the October 21st Making strides against Breast Cancer. Although it means I am going to miss one of my Renaissance Faire days.  If I don’t then I will do the 5k “Run to Feed the Hungry.  Maybe I can stay motivated enough to turn the one on Thanksgiving day into a 10k. Hey after all its only 6 miles.