“There’s no place like home,” as Dorothy once chanted to get back to Kanas.  Only thing is when you are moving that feeling of home is so far away. Your stuff is in transit between the new place and the old one. Your new place is not home yet due to scattered boxes, nothing is in the place you are used to and right now, you cannot see the potential it had as a blank canvas. Home is not your old place as it looks like a mini explosion took place.  Every tiny speck of dust and dirt collected behind and under furniture and appliances leaves you with the feelings of never cleaning.

As you can tell from this post and lack of posts for the last two weeks, I have been buried hip and sometimes head deep in stacks of boxes.  The move at work or I should say the second move at work was fairly trauma free. Most likely because we never unpacked from the move to the bullpen area a week before.

I do not know if I have said before but I am somewhat of a gypsy. The picking up and moving has never really bothered me in the past.  This might be why one of my things I want to do is own a houseboat that I can travel the world on its rivers. However, this move has really kicked my butt leaving me not wanting to move again for a nice long time. I am one of those people who live in organized chaos but having to search through boxes to find this or that is really beginning to irritate the life out of me.

It could have something to do with starting classes this week as well. Work from 5 am to 4pm then school from 6-9pm so far every day.  Speaking of school so far, I have gotten all of my classes I will know tonight and tomorrow about the other two.

  • Journalism- PR and Media techniques – got it
  • Biology – got it
  • Psychology  – waiting
  • Nutrition – waiting

I keep thinking if I am going to lose one let it be the Friday Nutrition class, but on the other hand, it is a graduation requirement. I only have a couple of those left and wanted to knock them out this semester so I can work on the core classes next semester.