Bionic Eye Goes Live In World First By Australian Researchers.

When I was little Sunday night television was sacrosanct. It started with Battlestar Glactica, followed by Buck Rogers and finishing with The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. I can’t say which one of them ultimately was my favorite. But I can tell you that when I catch one of the shows on the Syfi network I can see a couple of minutes and remember the stories.

 So about eight months ago I seen the first mention on the web of the Bionic eye I immediately thought of Steve’s bionic eye.  Now as an adult I am not delusional enough to believe it was going to be all that but one could hope.  On most days I keep hoping for that technology to be invented that will stop me from going blind. Other days, I just wish that I would wake up blind. (I just want the wait to be over so I can start the next phase of my life.

But the one thing I am noticing in all of the studies they are focusing on the eyeball and the retina but nothing for the nerve. So I still have to do the one thing I have been doing all this time , crossing my eyes, I mean my fingers to hope that will be the next breakthrough.