So day before yesterday I started a 30 day challenge and I put off writing my post for the day until I could find someone to introduce myself too. My dilemma, I didn’t want to use the people at work because I felt like that was cheating. On the other hand, I spend more than eight hours a day here and there are almost 200 people working in this place. While I know a lot of them, enough to say hi as we pass there are many that are just a face I know.

Truth is it is hard for me to do and I just kept making excuses why this person or that person did not qualify to fit the challenge. So today, I have to do it twice or …. What?

We often give ourselves internal threats but really, does that work? In my personal experience, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t either blow off the prescribed punishment or laugh at my own, attempt to be gruff with myself. I knew if it mattered, I would do it. Therefore, I guess I just have to convince myself that this challenge matters.

As I said earlier in the post I was putting off the post until I could crow about my first introduction and that never happened.  Then I said I would get it done after the doctor visit and before class.  Here is where the best laid plans of mice and men come into effect. (No, I am not missing the fact I could have introduced myself 4 times at the doctor’s office instead of mumbling, “that’s me”)

Did you know that there is more that one type of skin cancer? Me, not so much. I’ve heard the hype about Melanoma and I thought that was it. Nope. Come to find out there are quite a few. Some super serious like Melanoma but others still need treated but not life threatening.

I went into the doctor with a bump on my nose that would not heal (of course it sits right under the pads of my glasses so it gets irritated every day) and walked out of there with Basalcellcarcinoma.

So of course after that doozy it took me most of the night to do some research and process the newest issue in my life.  You know that saying what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.  I have been joking with friends and family, “I’m at herculean what’s left Zeus.” That is when my son pops back and says after that alien and there are five dimensions of those. (from one of his zombie alien games)

Bless his humor. I couldn’t help it I had to laugh and that for a little bit made it fine. I wasn’t quite as angry about it afterwards.

But I don’t want this post to be all doom and gloom because while Eeyore e is one of my favorite characters that’s not me.  I did something yesterday that I just well… I have rebelled against. You see when my kids got into myspace, and facebook I was not very crazy about doing that either. That wasn’t until I joined a writing meet-up group and that was where they posted there writing. Wal-la I went home and joined. So the meet-up group I was in fizzled and so did the myspace.

To be fair I have kept up with my facebook  since I have family connections there. But all the rambling was leading to I joined twitter yesterday. I’m still not sure why besides promoting my blog but hey I did it.  @elfslore  is how you write it (I think). Now I follow @postaday and @plinkyprompts