Ahoy! How many times do ye stop ‘n think ’bout some ‘o th’ peculiar ‘n random activities be off on around us. When we find out ’bout them, it be usually too late to participate. Me hearty found out August 5 was international spiced rum day ‘n he bummed he missed it. ye could not get a better excuse to drink. this day be International speak like a scurvy pirate day. ‘n while not th’ stuff th’ seven seas spins by it be a brief amount ‘o a ruckas.

Which is the reason the first paragraph is a little strange it my own addition to the international speak like a pirate day.

This week has been an odd one for me and before my class this evening I would have to say more like a downer.  The councilor at my college who is supposed to help me pick the right classes for my degree told me that I don’t need to be taking classes to teach. That while the desire to teach was admirable the practicality of a blind teacher just wasn’t there.

The thing is I couldn’t completely disagree with him and several of the valid points he made. One of them being the fact with education budget so bad no school would hire aides to assist in the classroom.  Then there was the perceptions that a blind woman couldn’t keep order in her class. (This one I don’t know about)

Then on top of that I got some news from my eye doctor that the last test showed more damage than she originally thought. Which means another medicine to add to the list.

But tonight my teacher for my Public Relations class teacher was extremely happy with a paper I wrote. In it I showed an interest in doing a PR project for a nonprofit. He is forwarding my paper to a college who works for a nonprofit through Sac State.  That is the best news I have had all week.