October, it must be the Jekyll and Hyde month of the year. Which I guess is fairly apropos with Halloween being the last day and all.  But for all the ups and downs I am grateful it is over. There are just months that would make Job cry uncle.

But there are a couple of ups that I wanted to share.

In the middle of the month I had the last of the cancer removed from my nose. Other than the yearly skin checkups I am free and clear.  Best news of the month.

Speaking of cancer I was able to mark number 14 off my Ms. Magoo’s Escapades, the one about walking in a charity 5k. On October 21st Sacramento hosted the 20th Annual “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.”  Two things really caused this event to be outstanding. One I convinced my entire department to walk with me.  We were 12 adults and four kids.  Yeah we made it a family affair.

But the day before was the best I think. Every year since my boys were little I have be taking them to a Renaissance Faire. My oldest is at the point where he no longer wants to go anymore but my youngest is more like me. The Folsom Renn Faire closes down the season.  We went and had a good time.  Did you know that turkey legs are so popular that you have to put in your order and they will text you when it is off the grill? What would Queen Elizabeth I say to that. I think it is funny though, especially since that is the one constant about all of the faires the boys and I have gone to.

On a side note I didn’t realize how difficult getting a passport is. My boys and I are getting a chance to see Jamaica. I run around I am getting a the post office is mind-boggling. Here I am trying to get three passports which is a substantial chunk of change and the post office is going broke …. Why the run around? “We only do passports before 3pm. “ I come back the following Saturday … “We only do passports on the weekday.”  So by now  I am frustrated, beyond normal. My boys were joking about the steam but I wouldn’t have doubted it. So I planned a day off… I get there and guess what … you can only get a passport with an appointment.  Now why couldn’t they have told me that four visits ago?

I wanted to finish this post with two thoughts. One, tomorrow starts NoNaWiMo (novel in a month) and I am ready. I even entered a contest by one of the bloggers of Writers Digest. Write a story in 132 characters.  I found that to be an interesting challenge.

Here was my stab at it.

Drunk on blood he careened into the open coffin. Tonight he would be sharing sleeping space with a dead slayer. Vengeance tomorrow.

And lastly and this is one of those super important things…   A month ago on the last post I wrote I was nominated for a blogging award by Jane (  http://maryjaney.wordpress.com ). I wanted to say thank you for the nomination it meant a lot to me. And I am sorry that I was not able to respond in a decent fashion.