The interesting thing about the about you section on all bios is for you to tell other people what they should find interesting about you. Most writers would prefer to let their work give you that idea. I am one of those people. When it comes to interaction with people about me… epic fail.  But here a proverbial stab in the dark.

I put pen to paper, there for I write or I should say I tell stories since I have not been published. I started in grade school writing little plays for my brother and sisters to perform for our parents. That progressed into stories that actually made some kind of sense with plot and pacing. Then the unthinkable happened. A teacher who should have encouraged me and worked through a learning issued broke me of wanting to write.  I still made up stories in my head, but never put them on paper for almost  10 years. It wasn’t till I watched a movie… and could not accept it the way it was … so I rewrote it.  And all of the haters (as my son calls them) can be damned. My goal while at one time was to write a best-selling book… nah, I want to write a book that once a person picks it up they cannot put it down.

But flip the coin over and the other side of my personal goals are seen. You remember those plays I was talking about, the ones I did with my sisters and brother. Well normally we did them when we were not playing school. Guess who was always the teacher. Yep. Me. I just thought it was because I was the oldest but nope it was more.  I love watching faces when someone gets something. When I can explain a point and they can either argue it back or find a common ground and help defend.

So as an adult I have been trying my hand at school to become a teacher. I myself love to learn and if I had all the money I could ever want I would be a student all my life. But alas, learning isn’t as fun when you don’t have someone you can share it with.  One of my passions is reading. Trust me when I have a free moment I either have a paperback book in my hand or my Nook. This love is something I want to pass on to kids so they can experience the same great adventures I did.  So that is what I want to teach…. reading or I think now its called Language Arts.

But that’s not entirely true either because it’s not all I want to teach. I love music and I got a taste for drama after falling into a class I wouldn’t have normally taken. So as you can tell … yep  I want to teach that as well.

I know it sounds like a lot and maybe it is, but reaching for too much and working toward it has to be better than reaching for less and becoming stagnant.