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You know sometimes life has a funny way of coming back and smacking you around for good measure. Sometimes just to see if you were listening the first time it knock you on your …well you know. Yep that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Last Wednesday, you know the day before Thanksgiving we were about to have a four day weekend and I was so looking forward to it. I mean I knew I was going to have a lot to do for one and probably half of another day but it was supposed to be about rest. Well I got the rest I was looking for kind of, the Vicodin made sure of that.

Why vicodin you ask… that would be the car wreck I had on my way to work Wednesday morning.  My poor, poor Subaru, I have been so hard on that piece of machinery.  Normally it is just curbs I roll over since I don’t judge distance too well.

So how does that tie into the world smacking me?  Truth it I am beginning to feel better. So I thought I would try to catch up on a few of the things I let go. One of them of course was writing. So obviously …not there was any doubt, I did not finish NaNoWriMo. But that was entirely my own fault and would have happened even without the accident.  So I started with something small… the Friday writing prompt from Writers Digest. Here is the prompt… do you see the irony?

While driving to pick up lunch, you accidentally bump into the car in front of you—a light fender bender—that pops open the other car’s trunk. When you get out to assess the damage, you notice that the driver of the other car is none other than your favorite actor. More important, you notice a dead body in the trunk. Who is the actor and what elaborate excuse does he give you to explain the dead body in his trunk?

I am working on it but right now every time I start to write all I can do is shake my head and think about my recent run in. Talk about life imitating art… this time art imitates life.

One of the write-in I participated in I overheard a conversation that I personally have given some thought to an wondered how many others who write… not just novels or short stories but blogs as well. A pen name?  There are some really good arguments on both sides of the topic.


I kept hearing about writing software that was supposed to help you organize your work and create a better writing experence.I found several. I am trying one right now and so far I have been happy. But in my search I found something really good.

How many times have you had writers block. You might write but cant stand what you have written and normally just get rid of it moments after you type.  Yea me too.  So while I was searching for a writers program I found something called    Write or Die. It is completely AWESOME!!!

You choose the amount of time you have to write 10, 15, 20 minutes and so on. Then you choose what kind of punishment you get for not writing. From just a warning to deleting what you were typing.  I don’t know if this would work for long fiction, but maybe if you are having a problem with a scene but it is a fantastic tool for flash fiction.

It comes as an app for your desk top ($10.00) or tablet or ipad ($4.00)  and an online version for free. Here is the link for the online version of the app.  Write or DIE

Right now I am using 1 sentence writing prompts as the first line and going from there.


Here is my first attempt.  I am sorry it is awfully dark. I was given some terrible news and needed to work out some of the emotion.

Life or death. There isn’t anything less complicated than that. Unless it is choosing how you die. Most often than not you don’t even think about it, but today you do. There is the revolver laying on the table. You would have chosen a better way to it but today you have no choice.  You think of the mess it will leave for your family to clean up and wish again that you never made this deal.

You look around the room at the hooded 12. They stand there as the silent witness and most likely one of them will finish you off if you can’t manage to pull that trigger. Again you wish it could be something kinder like pills that make you go to sleep and don’t let you wake up. Even criminals get that much.

You pick up the gun and study the shiny black metal and for the first time in your life you realize that the design of the piece is beautiful. And here even the weight seems different as if to say …stop and think about what you are doing.

The twelve have started to chant. You think once more about family you are about to leave behind and wonder if they will understand the decision you made. You hope so because only that would make it senseless.  You take a deep breath knowing that you are procrastinating.

The metal is cold as the barrel enters your mouth. A giggle escapes as you think about the spit that is running down the barrel. You think to yourself ‘you can do this.’ A thought, a silent goodbye and you pull the trigger.


You pull the barrel from your mouth in confusion.

“Congratulations, child you have passed the test.”

You reel in confusion. Test? You were supposed to die. If this was the test maybe it was better you had died, because what was next was bound to be hell on earth.

Today I was doing a search for writing and of course on link lead to another and I am not sure how I got there but it was a writing forum. Here is the rub… or I should say more like a thought. I have been told anyone who puts words on the page for others to read is a writer. So where is right that people get to determine that what we can write.

I know I’ve lost you because you are so thinking, they don’t. But they do.

One of the comments I have heard the most is — Write something original and stop stealing other people’s hard work. This was the comment made today. I admit I wrote and still have several pieces in my writing that are fan fiction.

Let me explain something. Fan Fiction is not easy and it is not stealing. Truth is there are two different types of Fan fiction writer. First is the one who just loves whatever they are writing about and want to share with other lovers. For example, the person who Leverage but knows very little about plot, pacing, character creation.

Then there is the writer. Yes writer. who also loves the show but can see other possibilities than what is in the story. Your fan fiction writer has to have a massive amount discipline. Why, first, while there is set of characters and a setting that is all your writer has.

He or she must keep the characters true and yet let them grow. For example you have Obi-Wan and he is a jedi who trusts the Jedi council with all that he is, he would not trust his gut over a direct order. You have to get and keep the pacing while inventing messes to put them in and get them out. The writer tries to give you additional adventures or an alternate story line. Don’t like the fact Qui-Gon died in the Phantom Menace and if he hadn’t would Anakin have turned.

The thing a fan fiction writer does is the same thing that a regular writer does. Ask the question what if and then answers it from their world.

A Perfect Blood (The Hollows, #10)A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
“Review of “A Perfect Blood”

Kim Harrison’s newest release, book 10 in the Hallows series.

This is to go with the post entitled Yesterday and Today.

Yesterday and today I took time from writing to focus on reading. I waited months to get the next book in the series. Only to be disapointed. The book wasn’t terrible, it was not badly written. When reading several books by an author you come to expect more. Not just more but better with each book and when that does not happen you feel let down.  Kim Harrison is good writer and I read both series that she has created. One for adults and one for Young Adults. Both are urban fantasy and create a different idea of the “ware” “vampire” and “reaper” story lines.

So this brings me to my question for other authors how do you write a series and not have on in the middle that is a flop for your readers. How do you keep from writing the same story with different sences and characters book after book?