After cleaning out a box full of old notebooks I stumbled on my ‘before I go blind’ list. For a while I abandoned it cause it was doing more harm than good.  But I am in a different place in my acceptance and treatment.  So I thought I would post it and maybe the adventure that goes with accomplishing the goal.

  1. Watch a lighting storm over the desert
  2. Visit Greece (interested in the Ancient sites)
  3. Perform in a musical (community theater not just college)
  4. Host a Murder Mystery Dinner.
  5. Watch the sunrise from the top of a rainforest.
  6. Surf or at least take a couple of lessons
  7. Perform the Paso Doble
  8. Ride in a Hot Air balloon.
  9. Mardi Gras
  10. See the Terracotta Warriors
  11. Walk the Great Wall of China
  12. See a real castle  (one that has not been completely renovated)
  13. Go on safari with a Camera
  14. Walk in a charity 5k/10k
  15. go to one Olympic event