As today is August 1 it is the beginning of a new month. This means I am looking for my next opportunity for some kind of community service project.  Each month, I volunteer  for something and then I work my schedule around it. Then if time and life permits I try for something else.

There was one event I was kind of looking forward to… but I was not able to help. Old town Sacramento has what is called Frontier days. They were needing city folk and store owners, hecklers and the like to walk around old sac and interact with the tourists.  I know this particular venture wasn’t your normal volunteer position but it would have been fun. Too bad I didn’t have the western apparel.  Oh well, Next Year for sure.

So what am I doing for August? With everyone’s mind on going back to school, I looked into something with learning and reading. (Which of course the reading is my favorite) Bingo.  Sacramento Reads is doing an Education Resource Fair.  So the week before I go back to school I will be volunteering for an evening  of kids, parents, teachers and vendors. As of today I don’t know what they will have me do but I will post pictures of the event as soon as I have them.